Larry LaBrie plumbing is an advocate of copper repiping for many reasons top of the list is that it is lead free and ensures proper water flow. In other words the water is cleaner due to lack of built up deposits and the water pressure is optimal.

Larry LaBrie plumbing has been doing this for 40 years and gets the job done quickly ensuring minimum down time. Often times a repipe requires that walls and ceilings be opened Larry LaBrie plumbing repairs the openings to the point where the only thing left to do is to repaint.

Copper repiping is the process whereby the steel water pipe of yesteryear is replaced by copper tubing. There are many benefits to a repipe primarily cleaner water and optimal water flow.

There are some tell tale signs that a repipe is close at hand to state a few:

  • low water pressure
  • funny smells emanating from the water
  • discolored rusty dirty water
  • tiny pin sized pricks in the pipes leaking water

Copper repiping is never a simple undertaking while there are some options depending upon the age of the existing pipes this can be costly; regrettably, often times this is the only option as the existing pipes have reached the end of their service period.

Let Larry LaBrie plumbing make a bid for this job we will get the job done quickly and control expenses as much as possible. When we are done your piping worries are over.